Studio Report #2

Posted by Mike On December 20, 2006 1 COMMENT

Greetings kids!

Work on the new album continues throughout the winter months.So far 2 of the 3 instrumentals for the album have been recorded. In addition, the songs “Heathen” and “Come Into the Night” have been completed and both are on our Myspace player, meaning 4 songs are complete.

There is still no official release date for the album, but we are thinking early June 2007. We have finally come up with a final track listing, as follows.

1. The Night of Broken Dreams [instrumental]
2. Pagan Eternal
3. Heathen
4. The Tempest Leads My Enemy’s Scorn [instrumental]
5. Ode to a Goddess
6. Till Death Do Us Part
7. For England
8. Total Fucking Darkness
9. Save Me
10. Come Into the Night
11. Scorched Earth

The Official Glorious Death website is back online!

We apologize for the troubles, we recently switched to a new, better server. Visit us at

As you can see, I’ve been keeping very busy outside GD, but the band remains my main focus and my side projects will not delay the new album. Also, the band is still looking for a female vocalist, so if you are interested, send us a message via myspace. Thanks

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